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Design & Development of Powertrain Mounting System

Zhongli has established a R&D process for vehicle powertrain mountings after years of accumulation based on the characteristics of the development of vehicle powertrain mounting system and components. Thanks to the capability of synchronous/forward design and NVH problem diagnosis of powertrain mounting system and abundant experience platform development of the mounting system, Zhongli has patented multiple powertrain mounting products.


Design & Development of Chassis Components

The automobile chassis mainly bears the force and vibration from the transmission, driving, steering and braking parts. High-quality chassis components can take into account the comfort and handling of the vehicle. With a group of high-quality R&D teams, Zhongli has the capability in simultaneous design and verification of passenger vehicle chassis and elastic components, the product design process, professional software is widely used for analysis and verification, so as to serve customers more accurately and efficiently.


Design and Development of Plastic Parts

With its main focus on forward synchronous design and development of plastic parts, Zhongli completes the design and development together with its customers. It has the ability to analyze side A and complete the structural designof products.


Design & Development of Chassis Module

Zhongli Polyurethane R&D team focuses on the research and development of high-performance polyurethane microcellular elastomers. It has a group of high-caliber R&D teams. During the product design process, professional software is used for analysis and verification. Moreover, it has complete process parameters and product performance test equipment. All above advantages can facilitate providing high quality and efficient service for its customers.

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Founded in 1999, Zhongli corporation, integrated with design, development and manufacturing capacities, is focused on automotive components and assemblies, and has established manufacturing sites and technical centers in China.


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